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Why Choose A Storage Platform Bed?

If you live in a small apartment with limited space, you will agree that every inch could be a goldmine, and the space beneath your bed could help significantly. Although a storage king platform bed may seem heavy for people who move around a lot, it is becoming more popular by the day.

With this in mind, there are various reasons why you should consider getting a storage platform bed.

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The Four Reasons Everyone Loves Platform Bed With Storage

If you have never considered getting a storage platform bed, read on for reasons why they have become a household name;

Make Cleaning Better And Easier

Cleaning becomes easy and fast when you don't have to carry heavy boxes from beneath the bed. When you tuck away excess items in your storage platform bed, it becomes easy to organize your room and retrieve any stored item.

Create More Space In Your Closet

If you are the kind that regularly gets new outfits, your closet is bound to run out of space sooner or later. What if you could create more space by moving your not-so-popular outfits to your storage bed? Getting a platform bed with storage offers the best solution for this situation.

Increase Mattress Stability

Lack of proper support for your mattress may lead to sagging, sinking, or wearing. A storage platform bed provides the necessary support and stability for your mattress to give you a night of peaceful sleep. In addition, it reduces accidental slipping and falling and reduces squeaking when your partner tosses or turns.

Helps To Declutter Your Bedroom

Having a storage platform bed means having extra space to declutter your closet or bedside table. You can store extra bed linen, towels, and even clothes you no longer use. Doing this reduces the mental exhaustion that comes from a room full of clutter

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How To Choose The Right Platform Bed With Storage

Just like choosing any other bed type, different factors come into play when choosing the right platform bed with storage;

Type Of Platform Bed With Storage

When choosing the right platform bed with storage, you should consider the three common types available depending on the kind of space you want to create in your bedroom;

Headboard Shelves Or Drawers

A platform bed with headboard shelves or drawers provides minimum space and is ideal for storing items you need to access constantly. Items stored are visible, and it would be perfect for storing aesthetic items such as books or candles.

Footboard Drawers Or Shelves

In this type of bed, the storage shelves are placed at the foot to offer the maximum amount of storage. Although the frames are visible, you can add a bed skirt or quilt to conceal the stored items. You can use this type to store extra bed linen, towels, or extra clothes.

Hidden Storage

In this type of platform bed, the storage space is found beneath the mattress. It gives extra support to the mattress, and you have to lift it to access the storage. You can use this type to store seasonally used items such as heavy winter duvets or seasonal clothes.

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Size Of Your Room

Although a platform bed with storage is meant to save space, it occupies space too. Choose the right storage platform bed according to the size of your room from twin, king, queen. Ensure to choose a size that leaves at least four feet on the bedsides to place a nightstand and move around easily.

Final Words

A storage king platform bed can offer a permanent solution if you struggle to create storage space in your bedroom. When choosing the right king platform bed with storage, consider the type of space you want and choose either a headboard, bottom board, or hidden storage type. If your bedroom space is relatively small, consider getting a full or queen-style type of storage platform bed.


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