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Announcing the Winner of The 2018 Orison Anthology Award in Poetry!

Orison Books is pleased to announce that Zeina Hashem Beck has selected “History of Water” by Rodney Gómez as the winner of The 2018 Orison Anthology Award in Poetry from anonymous manuscripts. Gómez’s poem will be published in the 2019 volume of The Orison Anthology, and he will receive a cash award of $500.

We are also happy to announce the following finalists:


Lisa Ampelman, “How Your Eyes Were Opened” Mars Hu, “To Leaving” Joel Peckham, “New and Bitter Flowers” Lauren K. Carlson, “Nocturne as Blessing” David Allen Sullivan, “Tomb Cleaning Day” Susan O’Dell Underwood, “God as [Bashar al-Assad Who Denies Chemical Suppression against] Syrian Civilians”


Rodney Gómez is the author of Citizens of the Mausoleum (Sundress Publications, 2018) and Ceremony of Sand (YesYes Books, 2019). His work appears in Poetry, Poetry Northwest, The Gettysburg Review, Blackbird, Denver Quarterly, Verse Daily, and other journals. He is the recipient of the Drinking Gourd Prize from Northwestern University, the RhinoEditors’ Prize, and the Gloria Anzaldúa Poetry Prize. He is an editor at Latino Book Review and works at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In 2020 he will serve as the Poet Laureate of the city of McAllen, Texas.


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