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Announcing the Winner of The 2020 Orison Anthology Award in Poetry!

Orison Books is pleased to announce that Joy Ladin has selected the poem "Devotionals" by Caitie Barrett as the winner of The 2020 Orison Anthology Award in Poetry from among anonymous finalist manuscripts. Barrett will receive a $500 cash award and publication of her poem in the 2021 volume of The Orison Anthology.

We're also happy to announce the following finalists:

"Retreat" by Phillip Watts Brown "At 50, My Brother Who Always Hated Children Finds a Daughter" by Catherine Carter "Mushrooms' Aura, Granite Pool" by Daniel Corrie "Perfect Walker" by Rose DeMaris "Two Flames" by Joshua Lavendar "Praise Song" by Ed Madden

"The Monkey King" by Haolun Xu "Afterwards" by Tracy Youngblom


Caitie Barrett is a professional archaeologist as well as a writer, and she currently co-directs an excavation at Pompeii. She grew up in Cambridge, MA, and currently lives in Ithaca, NY, where she teaches at Cornell University as an Associate Professor of Classics. Her poetry has appeared in Can We Have Our Ball Back, IthacaLit, On the Seawall, Philadelphia Stories, Tales from the Forest, and publications by Pressed Wafer Press and Bow & Arrow Press, among others. She is also the author of two nonfiction books on archaeology: Egyptianizing Figurines from Delos: A Study in Hellenistic Religion (Brill, 2011) and Domesticating Empire: Egyptian Landscapes in Pompeian Gardens (Oxford University Press, 2019).


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