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Letter from Orison Books Founder & Editor, Regarding Online Submission Platform Change

For some years now, Submittable has held a virtual monopoly on online submissions for literary presses and periodicals due to its useful and intuitive features and design. It was, however, predictable that competitors would ariseand now a serious contender has done so, in the form of Duosuma from the established market listing and submission tracking platform Duotrope.

Duosuma offers features and ease-of-use comparable to that of Submittable, but for a fraction of the cost. So, beginning with our flagship annual contest, The Orison Prizes in Poetry & Fiction, we will be moving from Submittable to Duosuma in late 2020. In our estimation, switching to Duosuma will save Orison Books around $2,500 per year—a sizeable sum for any independent press!

In light of these anticipated savings, we are reducing the entry fee for The Orison Prizes in Poetry & Fiction from $30 to $25.

The 2021 Orison Prizes in Poetry & Fiction will be open for submissions from December 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021. Jericho Brown will judge in poetry. Fiction judge TBA. Luke Hankins Founder & Editor Orison Books


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