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The Orison Anthology

Vol. 2, 2017

Edited by Luke Hankins, Nathan Poole, & Karen Tucker


128 pp. / $18
Orison Books
ISSN: 2380-7776
ISBN: 978-0-9964397-6-3
Publication date: November 7, 2017
Distributed to the trade by Itasca Books
1-800-901-3480 /

Beginning in 2018, each volume of The Orison Anthology will be cataloged in the EBSCOhost digital database.





The Orison Anthology is an annual collection of the finest spiritually engaged writing that appeared in periodicals in the preceding year. Our anthology aims to not only fill, but expand, the space left by the absence of the Best American Spiritual Writing series. In addition to reprinted material, each year the anthology will also include new, previously unpublished works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by the winners of The Orison Anthology Awards, judged by different prominent writers each year. The judges for Volume 2 were Ravi Howard (fiction), Catherine Reid (non-fiction), and Phillip Metres (poetry). The winners receive $500 each, as well as publication. The winners for Vol. 2 were David Armstrong (fiction), Rachael Peckham (non-fiction), and Brandon Jordan Brown (poetry).





Kaveh Akbar
David Armstrong
Zeina Hashem Beck
Brandon Jordan Brown
J. Scott Brownlee
Anne Carson
Marianne Chan
Leila Chatti
Maryann Corbett
Carol V. Davis
Jerzy Ficowski
Lana I. Ghannan
Jennifer Grotz
Rochelle Hurt
Jessica Jacobs
Ilyse Kusnetz
Cameron Alexander Lawrence
Mary B. Moore
Marilyn Nelson
Yehoshua November
Matthew Olzmann
Rachael Peckham
Paisley Rekdal
Piotr Sommer
Alina Stefanescu
Essy Stone
Justin Torres
Phillip B. Williams
Christian Wiman
William Woolfitt

The Orison Anthology, vol. 2, 2017

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